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In sprinkler or overhead irrigation, water is piped to one or more central locations within the field and distributed by overhead high-pressure sprinklers or guns. The water travels through pipes from the water source through the valves to the sprinklers.

The pipes from the water source up to the irrigation valves are called "mainlines" and the lines from the valves to the sprinklers are called "lateral lines". Sprinkler guns mounted overhead on permanently installed risers and rotate in a full or partial circle with high pressure in field. Most piping used in irrigation systems today are HDPE.

Düzgünler sprinkler irrigation system pipes produced as 5 meters and 6 meters length for PN5 working pressure. Other lengths can produced upon request.

Düzgünler sprinkler irrigation system pipes are;
• Durable, non-corrosion and long life,
• Resistance for chemicals and sun lights,
• Light weight, Flexible and unbreakable ,
• Easy installation and handling in fields,
• Stop soil erosion,
• Low labor cost and operation cost,
• Soluble fertilizers can be added without workmanship during the irrigaton,
• High productivity, more crops.(at least % 50)
• Water saves, provides efficient water usage.

Paying attention to installation sprinkler irrigation systems;
• The main pipe line should be installed in accordance with the dominant inclination.
• Sprinkler laterals should be installed vertical to dominant inclination and to the possible extent parallel to the contour lines.
• In places where wind forces are high laterals should be so installed as to meet the winds vertically.
• Use of very long laterals should be discouraged. Shorter laterals generally ensure homogenous water distribution and saving workmanship.
• In order to ensure minmum lateral movement and changes in the quantity of the sprinklers which operate jointly and harmoniously, the area to be served must be arranged in square or regtangle to the possible extent.
• In case where more than one lateral must operate simultaneously diameters of the laterals should preferably be equal or two different sizes maximum.


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