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Duzgunler Plastic produce a range of PVC-U pipes strictly in accordance with TS 274 EN 1452 and ISO standards on dimensions, materials and workmanship. The pipe is manufactured from 100% virgin unplasticized polyvinyl chloride compound (PVC-U). No re-worked material is used. The pipe is produced under an ISO 9001-2000 Quality System.

Duzgunler Plastic pipes are produced in a range of pressure ratings 4, 6, 10 and 16 Bar. Duzgunler Plastic pipes are produced in a range of nominal pressure (PN) at 20°C. The appropriate derating factors should be applied for working pressures when subjected to higher temperatures. The nominal outside diameters and nominal wall tickness are based on an overall service (design) coefficient C=2,5 from 50 mm.to 90 mm. and C= 2 from 110 to 355.

Duzgunler Plastic pipe is used in a wide range of applications, such as:
* Irrigation systems main/sub-mains.
* Chemical industrial processes.
* Pressurized water supply
   (city town, industrial, home, commercial.)
* Drainage/sewage applications.
* General services, domestic water, A/C drainage.
* Ducting, electrical, telecommunication.
* Industrial process plants oil/gas/petrochemical.
* Desalination processes, brine disposal, mineral water

Features of Duzgunler Plastic U-PVC pipes;
* Fully compliant with TS 274 EN 1452 and ISO standarts.
* Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and corrosion.
* High Impact Resistance
* Quality assured and tested to the strict specifications of the standard for dimension compliance, impact resistance, burst pressure, flattening & joint tightness.
* Smooth internal bore for low friction losses.
* Compatible with the full range of PVC-U Pressure fittings.
* Long service life under a wide range of conditions.
* Will not support combustion.

 Specifications of Pressure Pipes of Duzgunler Plastic
 Raw Material  PVC-U
 Standards  TS 274 EN 1452
 Color  Grey
 Dimensions  Pipes produced in ranging from Ø 50 mm. dia. up to Ø 400 mm. dia.
 Normally supplied in 6 m length Others can be supplied on request.
 Connection  Pipes are supplied in plain end solvent weld or rubber ring joint for all size

 Tests  Results
 Gravity  1350 < p < 1460 kg/m²
 Opaque  max. % 0,2
 Deformation heat  80° C
 Resistance to diklormetan  Resistant
 Quantity of vinilcloridmonomer  < 1 ppm
 Resistance of int. Pressure  Two times of nom. pressure
 Resistance to stroke  TIR < % 10
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Reduction with two sockets
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End Cup
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